Why does it show like the below?

Go to Setting->Video/Audio->Video->Change Codec type from H.265 to H.264

🧙‍♂️ Tips: As Flash only supports H.264 instead of H.265, that's why it will show like the above photo if you're trying to preview the live video in browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.

Why does it show "Video Loss"?

That means the encoder doesn't detect any video source and 1920x1080@30HZ will be shown from Setting->System->System Status. In this case, please follow below steps which might help you:

  • Power off the encoder;

  • Clean both connectors of HDMI cable with industrial alcohol;

  • Re-plug in the HDMI cable and power on the encoder;

  • Check whether it can detect video source;

You can learn more about EDID:


How can we preview video in H.265?

You can preview via VLC player or access the encoder from IE.

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