What is network segment?

A network segment is a portion of a computer network. The nature and extent of a segment depends on the nature of the network and the device or devices used to interconnect end stations. For more details, please check Network Segment on Wikipedia.

How should we make sure the encoder and PC are on the same network segment? Two ways as below:

  1. Obtain IP via DHCP (If it's only one DHCP server in your local network);

  2. Manually set IP by following the same network segment of your PC:

  • Check all IP addresses of your PC by WIN+R ->cmd ->ipconfig/all

  • Set IP like 192.168.1.XXX if it's shown like below photo:

Why is it failed to access the camera from Chrome like below promts "This site can't be reached"?

That's probably related to the issue of network segment. In other words, the IP camera and your PC are not on the same network segment. For example, the current IP of IP Camera is while the IP of your PC is, then to make sure they're on the same network segment, you can either add one more segment for your PC or follow below instructions to obtain IP for IP camera via DHCP:

  1. Run IPCManager(If you already installed it);

  2. Search the IP Camera;

  3. Click "DHCP" to obtain IP for IP camera via DHCP;

You can learn more from the below page:


How should we add one more network segment for the PC?

Please follow below steps:

  • Right click the icon "WiFi" of your PC

  • Click "Open Network & Internet Settings"

  • Click"Ethernet"->Change adapter options->WLAN or Ethernet->Properties

  • Click"TCP/IPv4"->Advanced->Add one more segment like for the PC->Ok:

  • Try to access the IP camera again from Chrome again and then it will be working

Why is it failed to login via IPCManager?

Probably the encoder is not on the same network segment of your PC.

Why is it failed to obtain IP via DHCP?

Please follow below steps to check:

  1. Double check whether the encoder is connected to the router correctly;

  2. Double check whether the DHCP server is enabled in your router;

  3. Check whether it can obtain IP via DHCP.

Which kind of DNSs should we use when streaming?

It's recommended to use the DNS of your local largest ISPs or other DNS like Google in EU especially for encoders under wireless connection. Just because we're afraid the default DNS might not be available in EU.

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