What's the correct format of PUSH URL?

That's Stream URL/Stream Key(Take YouTube as example). Please note there is a "/" between Stream URL and Stream Key.

Can we push Audio only?

Yes, but it's only supported in the new firmwares. If not available, please upgrade it into the latest firmware. After that, please go to Setting->Network->RTMP->Select Audio for Push Mode.

Why cannot we stream live video to YouTube via WiFi encoder?

First of all, please take it easy and follow below steps to use the WiFi encoder:

  1. Connect it to your local network via ethernet cable;

  2. Connect it to WiFi by clicking the corresponding SSID of WiFi, enter password and save it to connect to WiFi;

  3. Plug out the ethernet cable and make sure that it’s connected to WiFi only;

  4. Power it off and reboot it;

🧙‍♂️ Tips: When streaming live video to YouTube or other media servers, it’s only supported to do that either wired connection or wireless connection, or else it doesn’t work if both connected. Besides, if you would like to switch the method of pushing video from wired to wireless, it’s necessary to plug out the Ethernet cable and power off to reboot the encoder first, then it will be changed to wirelessly push stream.

Why cannot we still stream video to YouTube in the region of Europe when all settings are correct?

Please check if DNS is set correctly to EU. Right now the default DNS might not be available in EU. Besides, it's recommended to use the DNS of your local largest ISPs or other DNS like Google in EU especially for cameras under wireless connection.

🧙‍♂️ Tips: One of our customers in Poland also did such settings with primary DNS and leave secondary DNS as blank which also make it to push live video to YouTube. If possible, you can also try this.

Can we use H.265 encoding when pushing streams by RTMP?

No, only H.264 encoding can be supported for RTMP. And Adobe said clearly before it will be no more update and maintenance for RTMP, that’s why RTMP and RTSP can only support H.264 encoding.

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