Quick Start

Quick Start


  • Correctly insert SIM card and power on the router with DC12V adapter.

Configure IP for PC

  • Before accessing the router from browsers, it’s recommended for you to set your PC as “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”, then it will get an IP address automatically by router. If you would like to set one assigned address for your PC, it’s necessary to set it in the same network segment of LAN0 of router (the default IP address for LAN0:, subnet mask:

Connected to WiFi

  • Check whether there’s WiFi hotspot started with V519-XXXXXX(SSID), then click “connect” and enter password (87654321 by default) to establish wireless connection

Confirm whether PC is well connected to the router

  • After obtaining IP address, please execute PING command to double confirm whether PC is well connected to the router. Take Windows as example: WIN+R ->Enter “cmd” -> Enter “ping”, if it’s shown like the below photo, then it means the PC is well connected to the router:

Access router from browser

  • Start a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

  • Enter in the address column

  • Enter username and password (admin by default) and it’s shown as below:

  • After login, you will be able to configure and manage this router

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