2️⃣Get It Connected

Get it connected by following below steps:

  1. Insert SIM card into the slot with the correct direction;

  2. Mount the FPC antenna attached into the USB dongle;

  3. Insert the USB dongle into USB port of your computer;

  4. Go to Device Manager by right click "This PC" on your desktop and select "Manage";

  5. Then Computer Management->Device Manager->Universal Serial Bus controllers->Check if there's a new USB Composite Device(0018)[it might be varied from devices]

6. Normally it should be okay then if it's not required to configure APN and check if your PC is connected to the Internet. If yes, right click the icon of WiFi on the right bottom side of your PC and check if it look like below photo:

7. If not, please go to configure APN accordingly.

3️⃣Configure APN

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