3️⃣Configure APN

Configure APN by following below steps if required:

  1. Go to Device Manager->Ports(COM & LPT)->Check the Quectel USB AT Port(COM5), [It might be varied from different devices];

2. Download QCOM & AT Commands from following link:

3. Run QCOM_V1.6 and inquiry whether it's correct by entering below commands:

4. Send command "AT+CGDCONT?" to check whether APN is already set:

5. If not, please send command "AT+CGDCONT=<cid>[,<PDP_type>[,<APN>[,<PDP_addr>[,<data_comp>[,<head_comp>]]]]]" to configure APN directly. But for those parameters, please get all of them from your local Internet service provider. It will response "OK or ERROR". For details, please check below or the documents of AT commands from downloading the QCOM

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