Quick Start

Wiring Method

  1. Connect HDMI signal source to the port "HDMI IN" of Transmitter;

  2. Connect the port "HDMI OUT" of Receiver to the monitor via HDMI cable;

  3. Power on Transmitter & Receiver, when the indicator lights up normally, the system is operating normally;

🧙‍♂️ Tips: It will take almost 40 seconds for the whole process from being powered on to start. After start, when the indicator is green and flashs normally, that means wireless transmission of video signal is normal, then you will see images on the monitor connected to the receiver.

Connection Diagram(1-TO-1)

Connection Diagram(1-TO-MORE)

Pairing Method

After transmitter and receiver are powered on, please connect both devices directly via ethernet cable. When the green indicator are flashing simultaneously, then the pairing is completed. Disconnect the ethernet cable, the device will automatically switch to wireless connection and you will see images in almost 10 seconds. The device is paired by default before shipment. Therefore, it's no need to pair them again.

Video Tutorial

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